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The Taste of Plant-Based -
no animal gelatin!

Are Gummies Vegan?

Most gummy candies get their gumminess from gelatin that is derived from pigs or cows. Katjes gelatin-free candy is packed with plant-based ingredients instead, making them a super delicious choice if you're vegetarian*, flexitarian* or on a restriction diet*.

*Contains wheat derived ingredients. Made on equipment that also processes products containing milk and coconut.

Say yes to plant based & beyond!

Our Story

Katjes is third-generation family owned and proud to be the world’s #1 plant based gummy brand. In 2021 we launched our gummies in the USA, but our story began way back in the 50s when young Klaus Fassin made licorice cats from an age-old family recipe. He called them Katjes, the Dutch word for kittens, because he thought it was good luck. That name and Klaus's spirit of ingenuity and optimism have stayed with us all these years! In German, our brand is pronounced "Kaht yes" - so try our plant-based gummies today and say, "Kaht, yes" to sweet snacking!

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