If you love animals, you'll love Katjes

At animal sanctuaries throughout the US, some animals are in luck: They receive kindness, food and their forever homes, after being denied a dignified life elsewhere.

Through our love for all living beings, Katjes feels connected to animal sanctuaries and their selfless efforts in rescuing animals. To do our part, we have not used animal gelatin in our gummies since 2016. Instead, we say YES to every life and YES to plant-based. Kindness just tastes better. 

  • Proud Sponsor of The Gentle Barn

    We've joined up with The Gentle Barn to support their efforts in providing shelter, food and love to rescued animals. By telling these animal's stories and creating opportunities for people to interact with them, founders Ellie and Jay aim to inspire future generations to have reverence for all life and to protect the planet.

    Katjes is proud to humbly contribute to their committed journey and to spotlight some of The Gentle Barn's animals and their stories. Swipe to read more!

  • Lucky Little Lillie

    Lillie was only 6 weeks old, when she was rescued. A hero was at a gas station saw a truck full of baby pigs that were going to be fattened up for slaughter. The smallest of them all, Lillie, was not doing well in the heat. The man was able to buy her and drove her 9 hours to The Gentle Barn, TN, where she now lives a happy life and loves taking mud baths!

  • Lela, The Friendly Goat

    Lela was rescued from a backyard butcher with her mother. She was very sick when The Gentle Barn found her, and in urgent need of medical treatment and tender love and care. It took weeks for her to get well. Now she is happy and healthy and loves jumping up to greet her visitors and to ask them for some treats and hugs.

  • Marvel, the magical Unicorn

    Marvel the Unicorn was saved with 64 other miniature horses from slaughter in Oklahoma. Brought to San Diego by Little Hooves Rescue, all found homes except this little guy. He was the last one and The Gentle Barn took him in to give him his forever home. He is sweet, fun, adorable, and as magical as he looks - you just gotta believe. He reminds us of the unicorn on our gummy packs!

The Power of Caring

Did you know that hugging animals has been shown to increase mindfulness and provide stress relief for humans and animals alike? That's the power of caring: Whether you hug your pet, a rescued animal at a local sanctuary or you opt for plant-based options more often - when we care, it's good for everyone.