Our values

We use zero animal gelatin!At Katjes, we believe that every life is precious. No need for any animal gelatin in our yummy gummy candy at all. Therefore, we replace animal gelatin with modified food starch, a perfect plant based substitute.

Palm oil? No thank you!Palm oil plantations are spreading at the direct expense of tropical rainforests. We want to protect the rainforests. Therefore, our gummy candy is free from palm oil.

Better Together!As a family-owned company we care about people as individuals and are serious about equal rights and opportunities. We’ll always embrace a world as colorful as our gummies!

At our core: a mission for sustainability

We believe every life is precious. At Katjes, we indulge our sweet tooth while paying attention to the way our choices impact the people, animals and environment around us. Being conscious about our planet and sustainability minded is at the core of our Katjes values, from our efforts in optimizing our energy consumption to supporting equal opportunities within our family-owned company to making candy without gelatin from animals. And we keep all this in mind while crafting gummy candy that tastes like sweet and sour happiness!